croixredokHilario Alvarez – Spain – Edition 2010
« I am convinced that art is made by « the other ». So all my work consists in creating the circumstances that allows art to flourish and produce poetical experiences which intensify time of life. »  After different work experiences, Hilario Alvarez found is way in the performance art in 1993. He is coordinator of the Oficina de Ideas Libres, a cultural association dedicated to the management and the diffusion of performance, mail-art, visual poetry and experimental music. He is also co-leading the international performance festival Acción!Mad in Madrid with Nieves Correa.

croixredok Asile 404, Saturne pas O (Marseille) – Édition 2015

Performance, Art vivant et sonore.
Attention ! Un gang de cubes rouge attaque la circulation. Ils débarquent en nombre, investissent un arrêt de tramway et se déplacent pour bouleverser nos chemins. Mais pourquoi sont ils aussi méchants ?  Ils nous guident vers une errance désordonnée… Serez-vous capable de les suivre, de les intégrer dans vos habitudes? «L’habitude du quotidien qui s’inscrit dans notre milieu urbain n’est-elle pas finalement une invitation à s’enfermer ?» Sans détour,  l’Asile 404 traque chacun de nos pas. La scénographie collective du dispositif de Charlotte Phan s’approprie l’espace public. Crée en 2012, l’association «Quatre cent quatre» est un lieu d’expérimentations surtout sonores, prisé par les noctambules, qui devient incontournable à Marseille.

croixredokCaroline Amoros – France – Edition 2008

At the crossing of the Urban and Contemporary Arts, Caroline Amoros defines herself as a solo performer in urban place, specialized in the exploration of micro territories. She creates characters and situations « aiming to make spring up the real from the fiction through the poetry, the absurd, the contestation and the provocation. » The Princesse Peluches are easily identifiable by their shape and their colour. These women with a precarious social status, allow her to denounce serious issues as social inequalities, sexism, racism… with casualness, using humour, derision, tenderness and the characters’ madness. They go down in the street, disturb the everyday life and the people habits, and raise any kind of issues inciting to the reflection using demonstrative, absurd and subversive images. With this performance she won the Grand Prize SACD Street Art 2008.

croixredokHerma Auguste Wittstock – Germany – Edition 2008

Herma Auguste Wittstock studied Fine Arts School at Braunschweig School of Art in the classes of Marina Abramovic. The main subject of her performer process is the discovery of the audience’s limits and of her own mental limits, the limits between strength and pain. « It is important to draw power in my performance and to transfer it to the audience. The public and I explore new ways. My body is my temple, my area of interest. I have a ludic relation with the space in which I have to perform. In a first time I soak up the atmosphere, the place, the air, the smells, the situations. No photo can reproduce all that for me. I observe the people in the street then I know if I want to create an interactive work or not. Sometimes I know in advance what I will do but, what I really like is, from spontaneous situations, to live an experience and share it with people who are there. » 

croixredokSylvette Babin – Canada – Edition 2007
Multidisciplinary artist, Sylvette Babin is mainly active in the fields of performance and installation. Her interventions have as recurrent theme the inner exile, the roaming, the light touch on everyday life and overstep the limit between yourself and the other. Using strategies and devices built around the body, absurd role-playing or visual and sound games, she offers metaphors related to certain physical or emotional states. Working as author and editor as well, Sylvette Babin has published in several magazines, catalogues and artist books. She has been in the editorial board of the magazine Esse since 1997 and she has been its manager since 2002.

croixredokColas Baillieul / Frédérique Guétat-Liviani
France – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Colas Bailleul qualifies himself as a needy designer. Between the closures of the Marseille’s market the passage of the broom wagon, he gleans the poplar wood crate and turns them into furniture. Despite their fragile and precarious appearances, that furniture is designed to meet the expectations of a quotidian use. F. Guétat-Liviani is a poet and a performer. She is a part of many publications in anthologies and magazines, particularly of the CIPM of Marseille, Doc(k)s and Banana /,ec,823

croixredokPeter Baren – Netherland – Edition 2007/2008
Many of Baren’s pieces revolve around the notion of ritual and the way it functions in various cultural contexts. This is conveyed in his art through the use of concepts of otherness and « primitiveness » in works that also employ body art techniques slightly reminiscent of Burden, Acconci, and D’Armagnac, but in anti-minimalist settings constructed with theatrical props. In his multi-sensory work, the ARK performances, is included fog, saran-wrapped performers, circling satellites, orphaned whisperings, molasses, written and spoken texts, boomerangs and more.

croixredokAnna Berndtson – Sweden – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
In her performances, Anna Berndtson puts herself on a performance and unveils her own emotions, her involvement. She breaks, amplifies, the whole with an ironic and sometimes sarcastic tone. She presents two performances fall within a crisis context. Protected ? affects our inner life at an individual level, our deeper feelings and our relation with the others. With Churned, she performs about the crisis with a global point of view. She uses butter which is an emblematic product in Sweden revealing a difficult economic situation.

croixredokJulien Blaine – France – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Fabrizio Garghetti
In the landscape of the performance, Julien Blaine aka Christian Poitevin is not an unknown. The poet performer has been investing the action poetry since the 60’s. Following the wake of the Arte Povera, Julien Blaine claims an elementary poetry, an action poetry in which the concerns of the artist are never too far from those of the City. Language activist, he assumes the choice of militant primitiveness against a world devastated by the imperialism with the aim to link up the writing and the scream. Vociferator, vaticinator, prophet, agitator, Julien Blaine is an insurgent of the body and the words which are used as sound box.

croixredokNenad Bogdanovic – Serbie – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
Since the 80’s, Nenad Bogdanovic has been creating performances, particularly the Man Gallery project presented in 2003 at the Venice Biennale. He is also the artistic director of the IMAF Festival. In his creations, he wonders about the eternity in the human’s temporary existence. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, he offers three performances : HD_ solution_ M, Problem_HD_ M, Human Brain, which denounce the globalization and the technologic progress that generate inequalities and problems, the constant confrontation between civilization, human and ethical values.

croixredokPascale Bongiovanni – France – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Erik Damiano
Pascale Bongiovanni is a light creator and she regularly collaborates with Hubert Colas about the lights design of the Diphtong Cie’s creations. She created the group Sans Discontinu in 2011. On the occasion of the festival, she presents two creations : La boule à facettes, in which she turns herself into a living mirror ball. She rise, turns around in the air at the pace of music. Then Programme, in which she offers a real immersion in the senses, with the collective Sans Discontinu. The combination of the engaged text with the music and the light offers to the audience, a living and previously unseen experience. www.

croixredok Gustaf Broms, Untitled (Suède) – Édition 2015

Performance et Art Vivant.
Ici et maintenant ! La stratégie artistique de Gustaf Broms nous promet de belles surprises. Sa dégaine brise la monotonie du trajet du tramway, de l’arrêt, de l’attente des passagers et du paysage urbain. L’énergie qu’il déploie déplace le déroulement du quotidien dans la confusion. Une guerre sans conflit qui vise à réintégrer la contemplation et la communication dans les espaces engloutis par les messages de consommation. Un personnage dévastateur qui vit dans la forêt de Vendel et travaille sur une série de « Aktions – Mouvements » qui rassemble des idées d’identification et de résistance. Une figure tenace de l’Art Performance en Suède et à l’international.

croixredok Anna Byskov, Slow dance Away (Paris, France) – Édition 2015

Performance participative, Vidéo et Spectacle final.
Une star déchue erre dans la ville de Marseille. Elle est en quête de spectacle. Si vous croisez son chemin, peut-être vous proposera t-elle de participer à son show. Entre fiction et réalité, Anna  Byskov construit au fil de ses rencontres des scènes de film, une narration en mouvement. Chaque jour, à un arrêt de tramway ou de bus, elle propose un tournage au public qui désire participer à une étape de son parcours. Lors de la soirée de clôture à la Friche, un dernier tournage sera réalisé avec en toile de fond la projection de la réalisation de la semaine. Anna Byskov a performé au Palais de Tokyo, au Centre Pompidou, au 104, au Générateur, au centre Pompidou, à la Villa Arson, à ActOral. Elle a souvent travaillé avec Joël Hubaut et Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux.

croixredokMalgosia Butterwick – Pologne – Edition 2009
Crédit photo : Roland
Art Performer and Art theorist, doctor of Intermedia Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, she publish texts in different magazines and catalogues about performance and contemporary art. « Making performance is for me an individual process, a constant exchange between action and cognition.  I have been becoming more and more aware of the ghost-like presence within art, which actually opens for us a whole new dimension of freedom and experiment. It doesn’t matter if performance is « for real ». I rather enter another Space – with a big ? » 

croixredokHector Canonge – Argentina / Bolivia / United States
Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Studio Canonge
Performer born in Argentina and Bolivian citizen, Hector Canonge lives and works in New-York where he organises a Performance Art Festival. He explores the thematic related to the shaping of the identity, the social roles, and the migratory policy. The Imperfect installation performance deals with the current life conditions of many migrants in the major urban centres. Dedicated to the precarious housing, this project highlights the social disparities. Imperfect calls to mind the spectator giving to see the fugitive nature of all things. He invites each person to feel like at home everywhere by taking over the space then to destroy it. No doubt : Marseille, interbreeding city will be an endless inspiration.

croixredokAdila Carles – France – Edition 2009
She is a Diva performer. « To sing Opera in the street, it is completely insane!!! » Adila Carles, soprano with many facets, has the taste of this adventure outside the walls, outside the limits of space and kinds imposed by the Inner Opera. Meeting with a well-informed public or not, meeting with the power and the magic of the voice without added sound, without artifices, the voice in a resonant body, exceptionally vibrating in the urban space. Adila Carles the ‘all ground diva’, invites you to an out of the ordinary experience, breaking the preconceived and getting out the song from his constraint and making blew the opera top aiming to bring back together the « popular » and the « sacred »…

croixredokAntoine Castaigne / Benoit Rassouw / Fabrice Pras
France – Edition 2010
Cloud: n. (lat.nubes). A visible body of very fine water droplets or ice particles suspended in the atmosphere at altitudes ranging up to several miles above sea level. The cloud is an active nebulous installation by Benoît Rassouw, plastic artist, Antoine Castaigne, architect & Fabrice Pras, writer. It invites the passers-by to come initiate them to the ritual of steam bath. Designed in three fundamental times, the warm, the cold and the rest, this performance reintroduces the bath in city, offers a new vision of the places and a different use in order to establish another relation body-landscape.,735.html

croixredokIsabelle Cavoit / Bernard Menaut – France – Edition 2011
isabelle cavoit
« By showing up from we didn’t expect it, dance bring astonishment, change the way you see the everyday life and bring a hint of poetry, sometimes sweet, sometimes squeaking! » By exploring their victims’ appearances and postures, Isabelle Cavoit and Bernard Meneut compose and stage in situ the dance of one professional corps in order to arrange at the best with the urban body, its arteries, its beats, its matters and its sounds.

croixredokArgyro Chioti – Greece / Diogo De Carvalho – Portugal / Isabelle Schneider – France – Edition 2011
At the border between theatre and performance, Argyro Chioti founder member of the company Vasistas, performer and director, works on research and experimentation of the scenic act in the performance. For the artist the speech, the language, the translation, the verbal and para-verbal exchange are thought modulated and adapted in her performances as images, sounds and movements. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, this feminine Mediterranean trio offers a multidisciplinary performance. You will be irresistibly thrown at the heart of an installation involving sound, visual and interaction. You will be invited to express your perception of the city of Marseille. Marseille and its anti-clichés expressed by its inhabitants. You should have your senses on the watch; it is in a confined place, propitious for the intimacy of the exchanges, that you will meet this enchanter trio.

croixredok Chuyia Chia – Malaya – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Lars Printzen
Chuyia Chia is graduated of the artistic school of Malaysia, the Academy of Fine Arts of Singapore and Goteborg. Intimately related to her cultural identity, her performances have been questioning the migratory phenomenon since the 90’s. At the time of globalization, she questions the human responsibility in front of the environmental issues aroused by the thirst of benefit. The body and the artist are her first tools of expression, employed time as sound box and experiment territory in the same. She offers to create social link and call in the audience through a red thread which metamorphoses in flower, symbol of connection with the other.

croixredokPascale Ciapp – France – Edition 2011 / 2012
Pascale Ciapp defines herself as a « plastic agitator ». Her artistic world is built upon the expression of urges and intuitions drawn in the lived, seen or heard elements. Her project turns on a tense between incorporation of the oppression signs borne by women and the affirmation of their emancipation of those same signs. This is an opening to public of the intimacy of a woman represented by the illustration of the collective codes and the nudity.

croixredokCNOPT – Estonia – Edition 2009
Duo of performers

croixredokShannon Cochrane – Canada – Edition 2008
Shannon Cochrane is an art performer. She is the current Artistic and Administrative Director of FADO Performance Art Centre and is a founder member, co-organiser and co-curator of the 7a-11d International Festival of Performance Art. « In my performance work I strive to engage reflectively with the audience, strategically with humour, and methodically with material to create situations and images that are concerned with the formal presentation of art action, the aesthetics of social interaction and the investigation of authorship, repertoire and archive in the practice of performance art itself. »

croixredokMarie-Claire Cordat – France – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
Ex-student of Orlan, Marie-Claire Cordat defines herself as a Gnostic actionist. Figurehead of the underground scene of Lyon (France), she never stops shouting out against the world’s absurdity. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain 2012, she offers Le tunnel de la mort in reference to the Boulevard National tunnel in Marseille. « This tunnel is a dreamed situation for an artist of living art who works about the limit and the endangerment. » This is a performance in confrontation between the vulnerable and the destructive, between the past and the present.

croixredokLe Corps Collectif – France – Edition 2011
The Corps Collectif is a research laboratory and a group of performers with different ages, sexes, experiences and practices. Through the movement, they explore the body, its flows, its perceptions, its representations. In that way, they offer laboratory-performances in which they leave a room for improvisation and they question the body in the diversity of its expressions. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, the Corps Collectif offers to work in a spirit of drastic inclusion in front of the urban exclusions. They compose gradually and spontaneously, in the city, involving the bodies in an unusual way. They exchange physical contacts devoid of any intent of consumption or seduction. They make monochromatic and contagious packs. 

croixredokDeimling BBB Johannes – Germany – Edition 2007/2008
Since 1988, BBB Johannes Deimling has been presenting his acted images (agierte Bilder), that he creates with the artistic media of the performance. These life images (agierte Bilder) first exist as a concept, as an idea. Without previous practice the actions will be carrying out in the moment of the public presentation. He finds his ideas and suggestions in the banality of the everyday life. Themes like patience, will, success, war, religion and locomotion the artist transforms into physical acts – in acted images (agierte Bilder). He uses this term for his video works and performative drawings as well. In his opinion there is no other artistic media existing that is more immediate, more communicative and more actual than the art performance. Performance is a radicalized process that combines the creation of an art work, its presentation, the effect, the reception and the reflection. This is a value that relates more to the field of life than to the museal meaning of art.

croixredokThéo Di Rocco – Germany – Edition 2007
He offers a simple and effective demonstration of micro-Machiavellism, politic structure of control in which the artist (the prince) and the audience (the subjects) work together to protect themselves against a State in which everybody would live for themselves: everybody can make art but few dare it.
He has created the International Congress of Performance of Sotodo.

croixredokEva Doumbia / Marius Moguiba – France / Ivory Cost
Edition 2010
Eva Doumbia and Marius Moguiba met each other in 2010 at the Cultural Centre of Bamako. She came there to develop her Moi et mon cheveu project, a capillary cabaret in music. Back in Marseille, she wished carry on this work off the beaten paths. During the festival, she sets in the Julie Coeurs Brisés hairdressing salon at the 49 rue d’Aubagne. She is director and founder of two companies: La Part du Pauvre in France and Nana Tribam in Ivory Coast. She regularly animates workshops in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Niger. Marius Moguiba is an Ivorian, dancer-choreographer; he performs in different cultural events in Africa. Caroline Sury participates in this performance. She is a member of the Collective Le Dernier Cri from Marseille.

croixredokMélodie Duchesne – France – Edition 2007
Crédit photo : Sylvie Frémiot
She is a multidisciplinary art performer and plastic artist. Mélodie Duchesne comes from the Fine Arts and is interested in the transversal writing processes. Her ten years background brings her gradually from the object production to their installation by the understanding of a context. This one which is the point of vergence of her concerns, questions the involvement of an act using the body. Mainly fell within the Art Performance, her artistic research negotiates with the borders of the expression fields. She is borrowing from the domains of plastic & visual arts, dance, experimental theatre, vocal improvisation, traditional music and feeds through various collaborations. She strongly emphasises on the physical investment owing to her will of letting her porous to the use of a predilection discipline. The body becomes the cenesthesic vector of the act. 

croixredokRachel Echenberg – Canada – Edition 2008
Rachel Echenberg is a multidisciplinary art performer; she is a part of the Collective of performance Play Group. She has been program associate, invited to an event of the 5th instance of the Month of the performance at La Centrale in December 2002.« My artistic approach explores the phenomenon of the presence with a corpus which put emphasis on the emotional, intimate and fragile relations. I always have been attracted by the long duration actions which tend toward a slow conceptual and physical transformation. During these last years, my work was shared between the live presentations and the visual/mediatized images. That thought process brings me to question myself on the way of the becoming closer and the split modify the exchange between the work of art and its spectator ».

croixredokEx Voto – Europe – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Ex Voto : An offering to a divinity given in fulfilment of a vow or in gratitude from a vow obtained. It was created jointly by Pablo Volo and Manuel Pons in 2007. The first one is actor, photographer and art performer, and the second one is stage director and actor. The Collective Ex Voto is based in the Friche Belle de Mai. At the same time as the festival, he organises training. The programme includes quotidian trainings, personal work based on one picture. For five days, Facing the artist / Disorder of an urban self-portrait bases its researches from the individual background of each trainee, all called to join the performer squad and to make easier the meeting between the different participants, the artists just as the public. This training fall within the European framework of the project Circonnection Art Street, started in 2010. 

croixredokMehdi Farajpour – Iran / France – Edition 2011 / 2013
Choreographer born in Tehran, Mehdi Farajpour is graduated of the theatre department of Soureh Fine Arts University, Tehran. Living in Paris, he runs the company Orianthéâtre. Eclectic and conceptual artist, its intervention fields extend from the theatre to the dance butō including the poetry, the meditation, the literature or the photography. According to him, the poetry of each intervention has to match with the political aspect that he underlies. He shares his time between the creations of theatrical and choreographic works for the theatre and teaching his method, the Thoughtful Dance, which is mainly inspired by the butō. In 2011, he received the prize of the best staging for its presentation at the 24th International Festival of Lomza in Poland.

croixredok Les Fermières Obsédées – Canada – Edition 2007
The Fermières Obsédées is a collective which is made up of three artists from the visual arts (Annie Baillargeon, Eugénie Cliche and Catherine Plaisance). The F.O.’s performances are a crossover of several disciplines such as dance, theatre, music and visual arts. They create poetic and abstract images, drawing on concrete social positions as their source. Their shows resemble living ‘tableaux’ where are presented multiple, symbolic and metaphorical images, alluding to our ever-changing world. They bring about reflection think about the state of the world and the tradition of foolishness in which we are anchored. The F.O. present choreographed cadences inspired by military and conquering attitudes, at times stereotypical or parodical, but always well calculated.

croixredokDariusz Fodczuk – Poland – 2007 / 2008 / 2010
Very physically involved in his actions, he is looking for a dynamic in the interaction. He needs to invent quite fun devices that allow the audience to step into an artistic action, to perform and to contribute in his quest for Freedom, Equality, and Fraternity. The exchange and the relation with the other are at the centre of his performances. He is trying to create a link and lead the public, the passers-by to a collective action. His main wish is to perform with marginal population, to create a recapture process of the public areas through a collective action in the city. He co-organises the International Festival of Performance Interakcie in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.

croixredokAngelika Fojtuch – Poland – Edition 2009
« Angelika Fojtuch’s performance work deals with the issues of communication, the role of body and emotions in interpersonal relations and the creation of identity confronting them with the mechanisms of culture. Focusing on gender questions and norms of individual’s appearance in public area, she explores and crosses the borders of social conduct in order to reveal collective latent tensions, neglected fantasies or traumatic fears. Her work is usually conceived as a process of interaction with an audience that Fojtuch often puts in uncomfortable or embarrassing situations. She often refers also to the specific social and psychological context of the performance’s site. » Joanna Soko_owska (Zacheta National Gallery of Art, PL-Warsaw)
« Performance art breaks structural borders to have a free field of communication and with this an exchange of values, natures and originalities » 
(Angelika Fojtuch)

croixredokAlain Fourneau / Carol Vanni – France – Edition 2010 / 2011
She is writer, speaker, choreographer, and dancer, more and more improviser, inhabitant of the moment as long as she can. He is stage director accompanying the actors and actresses, sometimes actor himself. He runs the Théâtre des Bernardines in Marseille, concerned with the ‘truth’ of the bodies (these who do and these who attend; these who speak and these who listen), by their possible share of the present. Together, they wish go out of the usual spaces and timetables of performance, in a work of research with which the speech, the text and the danced movement are reconciled.

croixredokNicola Frangione – Italy – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
This Italian artist has been living and working in Monza since 1972 where he runs the International Festival of Performance Art. Through his works, he continuously experiments different artistic techniques: visual arts, music or mail art. The attention to the gesture, as expressive fundamental component, deeply marks the work of the performer. This is about the poetry of the sound, of a sound event as artistic object, where text, music and voice are closely related.

croixredokFriederike & Uwe – Germany – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
This duo of artists, born in 1994, keeps using a kitsch style and explores the video art and the performance. On the base of global financial crisis, drop in purchasing power, in Money is Art or Shopping against Recession Friederike & Uwe decide to create their own currency: the FU. Préavis de Désordre Urbain is the opportunity to diffuse that new medium of exchange in which each 1 FU note is a real little work of art. How to consider the FU ? How Marseille will welcome this new currency ? 

croixredokJoao Garcia Miguel / Sara Ribeiro – Portugal – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
Co-founder of the group Canibalismo Cósmico, a collective known for its performances and its installations; since 2003, he has been manager of his own theatre company. The main part of his job is based on the rewriting and the reinterpretation of classic texts and biographies. Garcia Miguel is characterized by his taste for the risk, his provocation, his desire to go through the artistic limits. Sara Ribeiro begun her actress career in the troop of João and has developed a performer identity born between the risk and the chaos.

croixredokDomix Garrido – Spain – Edition 2010
The influence that the migratory cultures produce on the citizen is remarkable. A research in the field to capture the energy existing with the desires, the hopes, the aspirations of these who are in quest, emigrate and accept a travel to the unknown. The aim of this action is to consider from a transcultural point of view, inside an urban environment, the different reactions in front of a stranger who bear simple stones in his heavy baggage and invites us to feel and to look back with only one word, on the influence of this element on our life. Creator and researcher in performance; his performances explore the links between the socio-politics and the private. If the society has been built by the human being, how can we take on the balance between the vital consciousness and the social system? Why do we sometimes lose our identity ? Domix Garrido organises the Performance Festival Abierto de acción in Málaga.

croixredokMiguel Angel Gil / Antonio Chipriana – Spain – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Antoine Chipriana, plastic artist and performer, feeds his work with philosophy and exact science blended with new technologies. Influenced by the Fura del Baus, he essentially dedicates himself to the performance. Miguel Angel Gil, also plastic and art performer, makes effort to highlight the paradoxes of our postmodern society with an essential purpose: give back matters and meanings to new forms of ethic focused on the human. At a time when environmentalism becomes a pretext to liberal outdoing, they offer the ‘Ecologisme pénitent’ project. While turning containers of selective sorting into confessional, they denounce the antagonism between moral hygiene and the business as well as the recycling policies. They invite the public to purify itself of its sins in the rubbish urn. Amen!

croixredokRandy Gledhill – Canada – Edition 2010
« That is for the birds – Avec ma langue dans mon bec – is a work in situ, a work of duration (from the sunrise to the sunset) for and with the singer birds. I have the intent to present this play in a public garden planted with trees, where people gathers. In this situation, questions are asked: How can I communicate with the birds? Which are our common interests? What advantage can I take of it ? What can I teach them ? What about advice concerning the birds security, the new migratory routes, the aerodynamic laws? » Randy Gledhill is an art performer, film director and manager of the Vancouver Biennale of Performance.

croixredokPeter Grzybowski – Poland – Edition 2008 / 2010 / 2012
peter g
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
He was a multimedia artist. Graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, he started to perform at the beginning of the 80’s then he was on tour in Europe, Asia, North and South America. His work was similar to multimedia compositions in which were gathered techniques which belong to very various types. Peter Grzybowski created multimedia installation performances in which he mixed different contemporary techniques: synchronization of human acts by a computer, film projection or even sound diffusion, and dramatic effects: computers, glasses and light bulbs damaged. His performances were inspired by the new media and the computer technology. Their content was usually inspired by phenomenon and events which take place around us, occasionally at the politics or social level, whatever it was in the everyday life or in a historical context. 

croixredokHappy Gorilla Dance Company – Norway – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Living in the north of Norway, the collective Happy Gorilla Dance Company gathers several disciplines as dance, theatre, music or visual arts. Each of their projects is thought in a global way, linked with the esthetical aspirations as much as ethical aspirations of the different members. At these time of crisis, those performers offer to the spectators a time off inviting them to the dream, last rampart of utopia. In Sleeping resistance pattern, they get the public to sleep with tales. Thus shop fronts, public areas as the kiosk of the Reformés are going to turn into dormitories. These times of afternoon nap are designed to last just long enough to let you lull by the dreams the most subversive.

croixredokDominique Herma – France – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
Multidisciplinary artist, Dominique Herma is fond of transversal projects with artist coming from different worlds. Her Caméras, pensez au suivant…Ou le manuel d’autodéfense visuel project questions the legitimacy of the surveillance cameras in urban areas. Its action takes place in two times. The first step is about crossing the installation performance with the writing of a scenario for the street, including the public in the resistance against the video surveillance. In the second step, they explore the links street/set with a device using the images previously collected.

croixredokFrank Homeyer – Germany – Edition 2010 / 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
Art Performer, plastic artist and photographer inspired by the butō dance, the theatre and visual arts, Frank Homeyer organises his performances as a painter realizing a draw. He comes up with an idea or a subject then distributes all the components in a space, connects them to the time, the body and the performance can begin. He often includes autobiographical references while leaving an opening to luck and improvisation. For the festival, he presents Tabula Rasa which means clean sweep, in other words start over. It is a way, for the artist to offer an experience and in the same time, a re-birth. In the urban area performance Signs, he bothers the points of view, the usual processes and let some signs that people can read into, modify or remove. In the inside performance Noise, he engages in a show in the urban area and expresses it with sounds and noises. /

croixredokJeff Huckleberry – United States – Edition 2011
The artist inspires himself from his family environment and objects which have marked his childhood and his everyday life, a close relationship between the questions relative to the life, broadcast, appearances and death concepts. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, Jeff Huckleberry offers to divert the logical habits of life, in urban areas. It is still in working the wood, « his Proust madeleine », that the performer invites to attend to a dramatic work performance in public. With the cutting, the planning and the assembly of the wood, the artist reveals the action of the work: a physical confrontation, a power struggle with the nature and yourself. / 

croixredokJean-Pierre Ive – France – Edition 2007 / 2008
Poète performeur (1952 – 2011)
Art performer and poet.
Tribune by Jean-Georges Tartare.
Jean-Pierre fut pour moi une vraie grande âme
un ange poète jamais triste mais toujours d’une grande gravité,
une personnalité hors pair, un exemple de sagesse souriante
une incroyable énergie toujours disponible aux souffrances
qu’il savait apaiser d’un trait d’esprit dont il avait le secret.
Avec sa disparition je perds mon ami le plus cher
et un extraordinaire complice de vie et de création
mais je puis vous assurer que ce qu’il m’a offert
restera à jamais gravé comme une leçon de savoir vivre […]

croixredok Jany Jérémie, La vie-est-Yes (Marseille) – Édition 2015

Camion-Studio photographique.
Un temps d’arrêt indispensable pour une vision positive du corps collectif. Stationnée au Kiosque des réformés, la camionnette sert de studio de prise de vues. Jany Jérémie y invite les femmes de plus de 50 ans. Artiste pour l’image, elle photographie de façon décalée les plis, les plissés, les usages et les usures de la peau, pour révéler la beauté de cette matière et dire que la Vie est Yes! Jany Jérémie est directrice de la Cie les Migrateurs transatlantiques. Après 25 années de créations chorégraphiques à diriger des artistes dans les théâtres ou dans l’espace public, aujourd’hui elle focalise son regard sur l’image de la femme.

croixredok Sandrine Julien,  Anamorphose #1 (Marseille) – Édition 2015

Art vivant,  Installation dans une voiture et Performance.
L’art de courber la perspective secrète de la perception. Sandrine Julien développe un procédé chorégraphique de transformation. D’abord exposé dans une voiture remplit de fruits et de vermicelles, le corps est prostitué au regard du public. Sa performance évolue pour percer le territoire du vivant. Elle explore ensuite les interstices de la rue, des arrêts de tramway, et entre en interaction avec ses passants.Après une formation de danseuse, Sandrine Julien a joué avec la Cie 2ème Groupe d’intervention (In de Chalon dans la Rue) et plus récemment avec la Cie Sous X ( In du Festival d’art de rue d’Aurillac). 

croixredokJoszef R.Juhasz – Hungary – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
József R. Juhász is an intermediary oriented performer and poet. He realized hundreds of performances and published four books of experimental poetry. Since 1987 he has been the leader of Studio Erté, artistic organization with purpose to support action and multimedia art. He is co-organiser of the Performance Festival of Kosice. Losing spaces offers a loss of space references. Have a lunch is an urban staging, the artist choose 12 women within the public and invites them to a bit particular banquet. 

croixredokBoris Kadin – Croatia – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Boris Kadin is not totally an unknown in the landscape of Marseille. In 2011, he played at the Théâtre des Bernardines in the show Vers/Thésée. After philosophy and history studies, he turned towards the video art, the performance and the theatre. This instance of Préavis de Désordre Urbain offer him the occasion for exploring the process which led to the crisis. Non revolutionary cities is an activist and participative project which explores the civil disobedience. Boris Kadin offers several actions, inviting for example, the public to put stickers with the word ‘free’ on fast-moving consumer goods or to fill shopping carts with luxury products and let them intact at the supermarket checkout: so many actions as a way of protest.

croixredok Antoni Karwowski (Pologne) – Édition 2015

Performance et Art Vivant.
Un langage universel sur le fil du temps. Antoni Karwowski, assis à l’arrêt d’urgence derrière sa machine à coudre, va archiver les éléments de votre passage. Il constitue une collection d’objets sous son aiguille. Des gestes essentiels qui réintroduisent un processus de communication dans la zone urbaine. Face à un environnement visuellement agressif, l’artiste s’acharne à explorer le potentiel de la mémoire collective. « C’est précisément sur cette surface où j’essaie de définir mes soucis, mes désirs et mes espoirs. » Avec brutalité, Antoni Karwowski secoue nos perceptions. L’auto-expression de l’artiste met en tensions la réalité physique, psychique et mentale de l’être vivant. Un personnage iconoclaste, n’hésitant pas à prendre des risques physiques et à se mettre en danger dans ses performances. Une figure de l’Art Performance en Pologne et à l’international.

croixredokLenka Klodova – Czech Republic – Edition 2009 / 2012
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Doctor in Applied Arts of the University of Prague, Lenka Klodová is a « jack of all trades ». Her work is overall focused on the Woman and the feminine body. At the heart of her work, 3 main topics: the sexuality, the love and the maternity.

croixredokIstvan Kovacs – Hungary – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Anne Carles
Since almost fifteen years, Istvan Kovacs, Hungarian artist, has been practicing the performance with all the poetry that it needs to. Far from arouse the rejection or the pity; the artist’s body reveals the extent of the resistance in front of the adversity, with in focus the horizon of dignity, the one of the man standing. The flesh becomes then support of resistance. Adept of slowness, of calm gesture, as a reminiscence of butō, Istvan Kovacs often uses some objects as the obvious extension in form of decoding of the world around him. He understood his kind spectator needs strong images to share stories, stories about second skin that he makes up as rampart of the world’s darkness.

croixredok Frédéric KRAUKE (Allemagne) – Édition 2015

Art Vivant et Performance.
Né en 1981 à Berlin Ouest, il a  vécu deux ans en France, au bord de l’Atlantique. Il étudie les Beaux arts à l’université d’art de Berlin jusqu’en 2010. Au fur et à mesure son travail se précise et il prend peu à peu le chemin de l’art de la performance. Il joue dans des galeries d’art en Allemagne, monte des courts métrages et des installations vidéos en même temps qu’il pratique le dessin et expose ses oeuvres durant des événements qu’il organise ou pour d’autres structures artistiques partout en Europe.Performeur allemand, né à Berlin Ouest, Frédéric Krauke explore les limites corporelles, sociales et éthiques via de multiples support, son corps en premier lieu mais également via la vidéo. En 2014, il participe au festival Diverses Universe, porté par le collectif Estonien Non Grata. Invitée par Redplexus en juin dernier, il participe aux 48 h chrono, la friche est Berlin et propose 2 performances dédiées aux corps et aux limites qu’elles engendrent dans un lieu public. 

croixredokChristian Kuntner /Remote Citizen – Switzerland – Edition 2011
The performers of the Collective Remote Citizen observe the flows and movements of the biggest European cities. Their performances are interactive: the public eager to be a part of the performance enrols in it, follows training and the instructions which are given to it in an earpiece. With a subtle game of interventions, Remote Citizen opens a breach in the space-time from where emerges a strange or funny little temporary movement. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, this Collective offers an artistic analysis, with scientific connotations, of the flows of Marseille. The project consists in forecasting the mechanics of the attitudes, gestures, movements and habits on the public areas. With Instant Urban Remote Performance, be a part of an experience which mangles our space-time perception to better transport us in another Marseille, a parallel Marseille, an unsuspected Marseille. 

croixredok Astrid Lefèvre – France – Edition 2007
She is a plastic artist, dancer, performer and a teacher state-qualified in contemporary dance. As soon as she arrived in Paris in 1998, she offered her first installation to innovative artistic events and participated as dancer and performer for other artists. In 2001, she showed her first video-dance creation Bas-Haut-Bas, at the Alvin Room Contemporary Arts Festival, in which has appeared her main concerns, the human condition of the modern world. Since, she has never stop exploring the combination between the lived and perceived space, performing as choreographer for multimedia installations (Collective KSKF), as dancer for her own researches (Whatafuck, Intouchable) or in the performances Art Action, Party Time, Le Filtre, La bonne à marier se met à nue and Le Baiser.

croixredokMélanie Le Grand – France – Edition 2009
She is a dancer, actress and photographer. « In an increasingly violent context about questions of the body, where porno-business, moral and psycho-medicalized speech rule, as an artist I think it’s urgent to take hold of the representation of naked body, eroticism and sexuality. » Artist who put the body at the centre of her research, Mélanie Le Grand develops an art between performance and image, the one of the transforming body which looks for identity and sublimation.

croixredokLauri Luhta – Finland – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
Amid the 90’s, Lauri Lutha showed up on the music scene. First inspired by the minimalist style, later he took a drastic turning point; his music has become more chaotic and aggressive. In parallel of his music career, he has improved his taste for the performance and is appearing in numerous festivals, as in the Là-Bas Festival in Helsinki, that he is co-organiser.

croixredokPekka Luhta – Finland – Edition 2009
Pekka Lutha is an active performance artist in Finland and Internationally. He is interested in the relation between performances and documents about space and time, situation and action, ephemeral events and how they are related. This interest has grown in him soon, while the experimental activities of a group he founded (Vaasa Palaa – 1981-1982). In his performance, he takes at face value the words Outdoors/Indoors and moves really slowly around public areas of Marseille with doors. He is co-founder of the Là-Bas International Performance Festival in Helsinki. 

croixredokStéphane Malka – France – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Stéphane Malka
Stéphane Malka is an architect native from Marseille. Very soon, he took as habits to make speak the walls of the city. Brownfields, ruined buildings and other disused territories are his areas of predilection as graffiti artist. Once he had his architect degree, Stéphane Malka has jointed Jean Nouvel in Paris. He was recycling a petrol station in art shop. He knew the city is a political space and he must not forget his poetic dimension. At this time, when the poor housing face up to the luxurious sites of Marseille, his Abris furtifs project appears as an installation of communal tents on a scaffolding along a wall of the Friche la Belle de Mai. These shelters are taken over by the performers of the festival.

croixredok Edwige Mandrou – France – Edition 2007
« Quotidian worries: the being and appearing, the naked body and its representation, the woman, the voyeurism, the ‘animality’, the ritual, the identity and the fashion, the seduction and the revulsion, the love and the sexuality. In the name of its obvious relation to the body, the performance act related to the multimedia arts imposed themselves on me as being really suitable medium to question these subjects. »

croixredokAna Matey – Spain –  Edition 2011

Ana Matey is a performer stemmed from visual arts and photography. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, the artist offers a performance titled 97. It comes from a series of performances in which the eggs are in the same time the material, the matter and the symbol of its original creation, 97 invites to explore the limits of the social life. The egg is here the symbol of the exploitation of the animal world by the humans modelled on the industrialization and the intensive farming. While her performance, Marseille become a human farm, and the spectator is the exploited matter.

croixredokChristian Messier – Canada – Edition 2008
More known in the performance field, he participated in several events in a dozen of countries. We have also seen him in Viva!Art action in Montreal, at the Art Performance Biennale of Rouyn-Noranda, 7a*11d in Toronto as well as the Art Demonstration of Quebec. In painting, his work has been showed at the Oeil de poisson, at the 36 Gallery and at Pan!Peinture (of which is one of the founders) and more recently at the Verticale Gallery. Christian Messier is also the author of the web magazine Punctum which deals with visual arts in Quebec, and the associate of, a portal of artists’ portfolio.

croixredokMarion Michel / Collectif Racines – France – Edition 2009
The Collective Racines is made up of tree climbers, actors, performers, dancers, musicians, clowns, circassisans, video and plastic artists, and other inventors. « We face up and feed our respective worlds and we question in that way the social relation resulting from our aesthetic approach. We also work with specific publics for the sake of social diversity. We choose to take over atypical scenic and always different spaces – The performances are modified by the location where they fall within. They are also modified by the links created between the actors and the audience. We encourage the improvisation, the performance in situ and the interaction. »

croixredokBranko Miliskovic – Serbia / Germany – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Dominika Sobolewska
Born in 1982 in Belgrade, Branko Miliskovic is currently living in Hamburg. His performances have been showed in numerous European festivals. He has been part of this ultimate generation who has grown up under the Tito government, historical coincidence which has let a mark on his work. He sets different devices – video, cabaret, plastic art – with purpose to redefine his own norms. The body remains a central component of his work. The Couvre-feu performance explores the civil disobedience. The artist associates his flesh to other body forms – social, military or political bodies – relying on the time and space dimensions and invites the spectator to make its own way through.

croixredokElsa Mingot – France – Edition 2009 / 2010
How to kill yourself on the underground or tram rails under the wheels of a car or a little touristic train, in a phone box or under a bus shelter, at a red light or on a roundabout ? The Suicides Agency prepares those who deliberately wish to kill themselves. It informs them, advises them and intents to give them the civic and republican values necessary to the good working of our society. Real agency, the passers-by and the public are invited to come and select their way of kill themselves: drowning, hanging, firearm or even in collective suicide. After Se Suicider in public areas (suicidal intervention in the street) and Pourquoi je ne me suis pas suicidé ? (Poetical media-centred criticism of a generation who has not anymore political ideas), she opens the Suicides Agency to conquest new territories, and who knows, the new public policies ?

croixredokMathilde Monfreux / Elizabeth Saint Jalmes
France – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Since its creation, the company Mathilde Monfreux has been hosting the plays of its founder, choreographer, dancer and performer. It collaborates with circassians and plastic artists. Graduated of the Fine Arts, Elizabeth Saint Jalmes has developed an underground work of plastic and performer artist. Mitsi, soft fabric sculptures which need to be activated by the human body, fluctuate between installation and performance. In Mitsi l’épidémie the both artists highlight their questions about the body and its limits allied to the urban mutations. What are those volumes of the consumer society relating ? Which forms do they take ? The one of a plague ? Of a rebellion ? So many questions asked in the form of strolling and installations. /

croixredokNatacha Muslera – France
Since more than 20 years, Natasha Muslera has been exploring the fields of experimental music, sound poetry and plastic arts. Her main material as performer is her voice. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, she offers to Marseille a strange sound pollution. A Ryanart flight intendant in uniform, hysteric, exults with her voice and her microphone an array of harmful, dangerous and harsh sounds; she becomes out of control, rebellious. From the howl to the vociferation, a « noisist » performance which seems as a godsend! In the continuity of the performance, this flight intendant goes even further: she publicly read the Capital of Karl Marx. 

croixredokSophie Nédorézoff – France – Edition 2011
Preading out her dirty laundry in public, Sophie Nédorézoff transports the space of the private sphere in the urban space. Diverting the housework codes, the artist transfers the private, the intimate and the confidential in a collective action. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, Sophie Nédorézoff offers an ironing session in the street of Marseille. Creating a particular space inserted into the city, inviting the anonymous to make a household spectacle of itself and sharing its little secret of everyday life, she makes the street an appropriation subject: a community house devoid of walls, the meeting place of the urban family. If you cross an open-air laundry room, stop, bring your clothes, iron those of the others, those of the city, yours.

croixredokThe New Spastiks – Germany / Ireland – Edition 2011
Declan Thomas Rooney / Herma Auguste Wittstock
news spastick
Since 2001, this duo of performers from Berlin explores the mediums of video, music and photography. The aesthetic of their work reminds the industrial theme, including in that way several facets of the postmodern in the utilization of the different mediums. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, The New Spastiks offers a sound and physical performance during which they grasp, imitate, distort and forward captured urban sounds. Creating rhythms and cadences from sound, they materialize like this the ‘voice’ of Marseille. So is established a communication in which the verbal and the gesture form an alliance. /

croixredokChristian Nicosia / Christian N’Ka – France – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
The philosophy is a combat sport. Christian Nicosia, in the same time video maker artist and designer of plastic installations grasp the concept literally. He invites the spectator to take over the Ring, helmeted and breast plated in order to simultaneously face up the fight of the dialectical and the one of a boxing match with as opponent Christian N’ka, professional boxer. It is the charge of the volunteer to express short answers avoiding the skirmishes. On the model of philosophical jousts from the Middle-Age, with topics related on the Resistance, Christian Nicosia offers to the public to box on the kiosk of the Réformés, in the Friche la Belle de Mai or in the urban areas.

croixredokNon Grata – Estonia – Edition 2010
The memory of a car crash, the windows which smash to pieces, the petrol which spurt out of the engine, the face which falls against the asphalt and what happens next: impossibility to extract yourself from the vehicle, the arrival of the police, of the ambulance. The control of the blood alcohol level : below the average. Though, the driving licence revocation. Non Grata is a Collective of forty art performers for the most part coming from Estonia but also from Chile, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Quebec. The Collective Non Grata distinguishes itself by the anonymity of its members, its dissociation of the local artistic scene, its scorn about the mass media, its wild actions and its performances which can last several days. 

croixredokOffelia – Poland – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
The Polish Collective Offelia includes one actress, one performer, and one dancer jointed by a musician. Graduated of the Academy of Theatre of Cracow, Dorota Androzt combines theatrical play and performance energy. Anna Kalwajtys is a performer; her favourite weapon is the provocation. Katarzyna Pastuszak is oriented toward the practice of butō. Krzysztof Arszyn Topolski is stemmed from improvised music. They highlight the contrasts between urban architecture, symbol of a man’s totalitarian order and the feminine energy and creativity. This is the opportunity to claim the public areas as an interstice of social talk and to question the place of the woman.

croixredokIrma Optimist – Finlande – Edition 2011
Irma Optimist is a mathematician who has been performing across the world since the 90’s. Famous for the ironic and parodying aspect of her performance, she erects a criticism about the concept of man’s domination upon the art. Her work as performer is essentially based on the mathematics dynamic of chaos. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, she offers temporal actions which interact with the ‘ideal’ space of mathematics, an observed space. The city becomes then a macro geometric space, the result of the ideal forms of nature. The purpose of this action is to decompress the technical and objective alienation of the physical symbolism to the mathematics. As freeing the figure of the speech, the meaning takes shape with the action. She co-organises the Là-Bas International Performance Festival.

croixredokOrnic’art – France – Edition 2007 à 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Ornic’art is a collective of urban and multidisciplinary performers blending visual arts, theatre, dance and video which is based at the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille. The Collective performs regularly in France and abroad, in public areas and art centres, on festivals and national stages which include performance in their programme. The group designs new forms of artistic writings; urban performances or installation performances in immersion which offer acts of subversion of reality and create innovative perspectives in the relation between audience, artist and the location of the representation.
In 2007, Ornic’art launched RedPlexus. The performances shown in Préavis de Désordre Urbain are : Radar Dolls, Bureau des Fantasmes Urbains, Strange to meet you, Echiquier Urbain Code 12

croixredok ORNIC’ART, Driving sous les néons (Marseille) – Édition 2015

Art vivant, Performance et Installation.
STOP! À la tombée de la nuit, les faisseaux lumineux des néons se déploieront sur le Kiosque des réformés pour vous indiquer le Driving. Ornic’art vous embarque alors dans une expérience troublante au coeur des vapeurs de la ville . Le collectif de performeurs urbains indisciplinaires (Arts visuels, Théâtre, Danse, Vidéo) vous attend pour une performance immersive unique. Résidents à la Friche la Belle de Mai à Marseille depuis 1995, les créations d’Ornic’art développent de nouvelles formes d’écriture artistique. Performance-commando, leurs actions de subversion du réel ouvrent des perspectives originales dans la relation du spectateur à l’artiste et aux espaces de représentation.

croixredokOryctophonic Group – France / Japan / Switzerland – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Objet Direct
This group made up of five members, works about the sound experimentation. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, their ?! project consists in elaborate improvisations at the heart of the city following the idea of the tear and the fault. The performance as combinatorial game, the Collective consider a real meeting in the limits of a physical and sound gesture. Go from the darkness to the light. ?! is interested in the ‘disaster tectonics’ and digs into the urban stratum.

croixredokTanja Ostojic – Serbie – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Tanja Ostojic asserts herself as involved and feminist artist. Activist cultural performer, she is currently living in Berlin where she has a sharp-eyed on the social configurations. Her point of view: the one of the migrant woman that she can easily identify herself. With Misplaced women ?, performance stemmed from a long process, Tanja Ostojic offers a work of cartography through a methodical scouting of transit spaces in urban areas. The interactivity is a part of the creation process. The performer calls for participation and testimonies on the web site as in situ. A word to the wise is enough.

croixredokMiguel Pereira / Odile Darbelley / Michel Cerda
France /  Spain  – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
This is a story of an encounter. The story of a collaboration started while a residency as a part of Try Angle, laboratory of interdisciplinary research related to the Théâtre des Bernardines. Miguel Pereira, Odile Darbelley and Michel Cerda left their single world to create together. The first one is stage director in contemporary theatre. The second one is artistic director of the company Arsène. The third one works with the choreographers Vera Mantero and Francisco Camacho. Compost / Espace Public : one table, some chairs, one sound device, one film camera which reproduce the meetings started on a passage way. It is about creating a time of reflection in a socio-political context in deep mutation and to redefine the very function of show.

croixredokJean-Christophe Petit – France – Edition 2008 à 2011
Jean-Christophe Petit is a « Polymorphous Actor Perfo » with many physical and multidisciplinary skills. He develops his own forms, a mix of acted-theatricality and bodies in action. His work explores a maternal, filial, emotional, political, art-tivist link and calls in the public invited or passer-by. His artistic approach is made of interactive « psycho-magic » propositions and acts with a spectator-actor audience. He is regularly performing within the Collective Ornic’art.

croixredokAntje Prust – Germany – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
This young art performer has started on the boards then has taken a performance course in the University of Hamburg. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, she creates Amateurette Love Hotel. Amateurette rooms are furnished rooms from objects recovered in the streets or given object. The public takes over the places and can leave traces behind him. Debates, lectures can be organised in there. There are as palimpsests which rewrite different phases of the love: the ecstasy, the disappointment, and the silences. 

croixredok Ramdom / Zineb Benzekri – France – Edition 2009 / 2010
The Collective Random, supported by the association Art Vivant, develops a research about the relation that the humans maintain with the spaces where they lives. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, Random offers to the inhabitants and visitors of Marseille, to be a part of a big itinerant laboratory of real, in order to seize back the public area and free the speech. Creating freedom of expression zones in the flows organised by our society, Random modifies our relation to space, ourselves and the others. With a view to a permanent relation between the art and the life, these performers experiment the interaction between actors and spectators questioning the place of each one in the artistic creation.

croixredokNoa Reshef – Spain / Israel – Edition 2011
The Noa’s performances are a catchy combination of shows on stage and individual interactions in the form of inquiry. Her work is about the relations and the communication, the intimacy and the seduction. It studies the clichés, the behaviour of the conventional signs, the expectations, the misunderstandings and the confusion that they can create. It is inhabited by her costumes inspired from porno stereotypes that the Noa’s characters come alive and are fleshed out. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, Noa turns herself into a hostess of the city of Marseille for an offbeat performance in which she offers you to realize a Last WishLast Wish is an intimate performance « one to one » which can take place in a cab as well as in the toilet of a hostel or a city hall. 

croixredok Lucile Rimbert (Cie Lu2), La nuit a son existence (Paris) – Édition 2015
Art vivant, Installation dans une voiture, Autoradio et Conversation téléphonique.
Monte dans la voiture ! Une femme insomniaque vous prend le bras et vous invite à un arrêt d’urgence. Tendez l’oreille elle a des choses à vous dire… Dans notre contexte actuel d’accélération sociale, l’insomnie échappe-t-elle à un temps normé ? L’auteure-interprète propose tout au long de la semaine des entre-sorts de 10 min, une personne à la fois dans une voiture. Des expériences uniques centrées sur l’espace confidentiel du privé. Engagée dans le Collectif de La Main Lucile Rimbert à monté un squat artistique à la Main Jaune. Aujourd’hui reconnu par la ville de Paris, ils sont installés aux Bains Douches. Sa recherche artistique constituée de propositions intimes et physiques l’amène à fonder la Compagnie lu², compagnie de spectacle vivant et d’art de la présence.

croixredokHélène Sanier – France – Edition 2009
She is an ex-apprentice of the FAIAR and works at Deuxième Groupe d’

croixredok Bino Sauitzvy,  Marseille Shooting Action (Brésil/Paris) – Édition 2015
Performance/Sculpture vivante chorégraphique, avec la Brigade P.
En pleine mutation, Bino Sauitzvy fait exister des corps «hors normes» dans l’espace partagé de la ville. Ces performances de création collective, en collaboration avec ses étudiants du Département de Théâtre de l’Université Paris 8 Saint Denis, sont des actions, des apparitions éphémères inspirées du Tir de Niki de Saint-Phalle et des Sculptures d’Une Minute d’Erwin Wurm. Une performance à la fois calibrée et surprenante. Artiste hybride, il évolue dans la performance en mélangeant des principes divers venus du théâtre, de la danse et des arts plastiques. Il crée Le Collectif des Yeux en 2005 avec d’autres artistes venus des arts plastiques, de la danse, théâtre, cinéma et musique. Il collabore également avec le groupe CocoRosie et Bianca Casady. Il performe dans les expositions à Moscou, à New York, chorégraphie les spectacles de Bianca Casady. Il a été chorégraphe résident au Point Éphémère, à Micadanses et est artiste résident au Générateur à Paris.

croixredokChristian Schmidt-Chemnitzer – Germany – Edition 2009
He is a performer born in 1968 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz). He has taken training courses of trumpet player, drummer and music theoretician. C. Schmidt-Chemnitzer is an adept of the physical resistance and puts his body to the test while his durational performances.

croixredokDorothea Seror – Germany – Edition 2013
Crédit photo : Aurélie Guinot Alcaraz
Dorothea Seror is living and working in Munich. Dancer, plastic artist and performer, she was a part of numerous festivals in Germany and abroad from Guangzhou to Venice including Tel Aviv or Amsterdam. While her stay in Paris during Préavis, she had the occasion to question the artist’s place within society through the Species artist project. Her aim: lock yourself in a glass cage for several days in a row in the public area with only utensils, three blankets and a bit of hay. A display panel explains the process. It is the responsibility of the spectator to fulfil the basic needs of the protagonist of the experiment and to take care of her. An attempt which gives many questions, notably how the citizen perceives his contemporary creators.

croixredokVictoria Stanton – Canada – Edition 2008
Victoria Stanton is an art performer, video director, photographer and also fictions, poetries, critical texts and songs author. Her work includes the sound, the group actions in public area, video-projected performances, and individual meetings. She is interested in appropriating and disrupting the everyday life, in spontaneous intimacy and in treading vulnerability. Some performance works have been transformed into photo-installation or single-channel video. Performance writing and critical writing have appeared in several publications. Stanton is also the CEO of a bank: the Bank of Victoria. Such a lofty name deserves a big enterprise to match.

croixredokJulischka Stengele – Germany – Edition 2008
Julischka Stengele is a multidisciplinary artist. The performance is for her a « participative art », her predilection subject: the body in its social context. The performer explores the interpersonal relations (form the proximity to the distance, from the limits to the surpassing) and the female body image as cultural model. « My main interest is devoted to artistic forms of expression that require a physical presence – to one or another extent. The human being in its social context serves as a base for my work in general. Often, my work takes site-specific aspects into account (from architectural to social components) and aims to provide space for (direct or indirect) exchange/dialog between spectator, art and/or artist ». Main topics include interpersonal relationships, communication, cultural role models, female body images, sexuality, divergence and « the Other ».

croixredokJiri Suruvka – Czech Republic – Edition 2008
Crédit photo : Bernard Sarré
Jiri Suruvka is an art performer, a painter and a teacher at the Arts Institute of the Ostrava University. He has been exhibiting since 1983, performing since 1987. He also has been co-organiser of the Malamut International Performance Art Festival in Ostrava, CZ, since 1994. In 2001, he represented the Czech Republic at the Venice Biennial. His work is politically engaged and quite subversive.

croixredokHalf Swiss – France – Edition 2007 / 2008
« Half Swiss », because their mother tongue is French-Catholic and their father, Switzerland Protestant, also because two half Swiss make one Swiss. Switzerland is in their backpack and they bear it during their lifelong exile and so they have plenty work to do. They work on the traumatism and the stimulation of their youth, they have their own language and the risks notion that they try to express in their own way. They consider Switzerland as a mythological wealth bank. Their art performances are about the fields of pagan rituals, family acts, action-monument and tribute to the artists; their goal is to spent energy by the sound. 

croixredokArtur Tajber – Poland – Edition 2011
Arthur Tajber is an intermedia artist and performer. His first performances were born in the 60’s and since he has been performing across the world. He is a teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts of Cracow and at the head of the Intermedia Department. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, Arthur Tajber offers Timemit, an action-installation project from a long cycle of shows called Walk’man at the end of the 90’s. Timemit is a psychological contextualization of actions; most of them are specifically built coherently with a given and exact space-time. The performer focuses his work on the phenomenon of the context transfer. The time flow stems from this idea. Here, the purpose is to determine the responsive potential and to stimulate the interaction.

croixredokRisa Takita – Japon – Edition 2008
She is a visual artist and performer who come from Japan and is based in Europe. She is inspired by the butō dance.

croixredokBerta Tarrago – France / Espagne – Edition 2009
She is a designer and stage director, sociologist and pig raiser. She has founded the Company PORCOPOLIS Cercle des Arts et Sciences Fiction. PORCUS CORPUS, eulogy to the fervour. The human future is to become pig: the concert of the confessions of a repressed and regretted secret mood. She is an ex-apprentice of the FAIAR (International Advanced Training of the Street Arts).

croixredokCompagnie Terrain Vague – France – Edition 2010
The company Terrain Vague is a flexible factory which gathers artists, technicians, other specialists in order to get rid of the public domain. Between fiction and documentary factory, the action as way of expression and its capacity to create link and disorder is brought into play in order to do living art on the initial places dedicated to the real. The performance is not only supported by the verb. Gestures, replies, sounds, slogans and other sources of contemporary language are selected, adapted and structured.

croixredok Rémi Uchéda, Un pneu comme animal de compagnie (Paris) – Édition 2015
Art Vivant, Installation et Performance déambulatoire.
Et si on changeait les pneus du tram ? Et si on berçait un pneu? Rémi Uchéda fait basculer l’arrêt du tram pour une performance gonflée. Pneu et chambre à air, se déroule pour habiter les lieux. Son installation composée de 10 pneus aspire à compléter le mobilier urbain afin de proposer au public des pauses régénérantes. Tantôt immobile, tantôt en action, préparer vous à des retournements de situations. Plein de ressources, le plasticien, performeur, danseur, a déjà exposé cette année au Printemps de l’Art Contemporain à Marseille, il a également exposé au VOG Centre d’Art Contemporain de la ville de Fontaine et travaillé au Générateur à Paris.

croixredokValvna – Belgium – Edition 2010
In this performance, Valvnà reintroduces an ancestral gesture of Marseille in the city, as to wake up a forgotten story and sleeping passers-by. Valvnà ((Valérie Vanhoutvinck) is a Belgium artist who describes herself as « images factory, craftswoman of incongruous whom the main ambition remains the astonishment ». She practices the documentary cinema, the theatre, the plastic arts and animates workshops of narrative researches with different artistic supports and in different territories. She coordinates the Urban Collective of Mobile Intervention « Les Rougisseurs » based in Brussels.

croixredokTimo Viialainen – Finland – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
Finnish art performer, Timo Viialainen realizes performances which are based on three important dynamics: the sound, the light and the pictures. He plays with the pictures and the sounds insertion. His work falls perfectly within the urban or ‘brownfield’ context. Along the same lines of, previously unseen in live, exploration and experience, Timo Viialainen offer in Préavis de Désordre Urbain: Red Red Red = Pop Pop Pop, a bunch of sound and energy, a powerful and stimulant experience for the body and the spirit.

croixredokPrisca Villa – Spain – France – Edition 2009
She is artistic director of the Collective Na Capa Tanta, graduated of the Colegi del Teatre of Barcelona, of the comedian Antonio Fava’s School, the Eric Bont’s International Clown School and the FAIAR (International Advanced Training of the Street Arts) in Marseille. She is a part of the European tour of the Columbian company of street theatre Palog’sea. For 5 years, Prisca has been a member of the Spanish company Xirriquiteulateatre with which she participated to the creation of different shows as Papirus (Prize F.T.E.N. Best Show and Best staging 2004). Prisca is co-founder of the company Kamchàtka in Barcelona which has created in 2006 the show Éponyme, staged by Adrian Schvarzstein (Prize Miramiro Gand 2008).

croixredok Pina Wood et Marlène Llop , FlopWood (Marseille) – Édition 2015
Art vivant et Performance sonore.
FlopWood est une exploration autour de la direction de performeur comme matière à crabouiller le paysage. Animées par les rencontrent fortuites, au hasard d’un arrêt de bus, sur un trottoir, dans un tramway ou encore à la caisse d’un magasin, Marlène Llop et Pina Wood, s’interrogent sur la notion d’image collective, fabriquées avec des inconnues, en direct, sous le regard d’autres inconnues. L’idée de la manipulation de l’individu ou des foules, rejoint la notion de flux…ce n’est plus «où vas tu ?» mais «qui t’a dit d’aller là ?». Cette performance est une expérimentation autour de la figure d’un metteur en scène qui écrit et dessine dans un contexte précis, à la façon d’un musicien free jazz ; l’acte de mettre en scène et de diriger un corps devient visible. Deux ex-apprenties de la FAIAR (Formation Avancée Itinérante des Arts de la Rue) de la promotion 2015. Pina Wood vient du théâtre et Marlène Loop des Arts Visuels. Cette 9ème édition de Préavis leur paraît le contexte idéal pour croiser leurs énergies créatrices et expérimenter un projet commun dans l’espace public.

croixredokZargrup ( Antonio Chipriana / Sergio Muro ) – Espagne – Edition 2012
Crédit photo : Lucille Pradier
Zargrup is a duo of performers who considers life as a performance, the metaphor of the existence as a unique and transcendent act: here and now. The hardness of the economic and social reality in Spain inspires them this reflection : Will this system conduct the artists to live as indigents ? The duo slips so inside the skin of misery and wandering. They go all over the streets looking for abandoned or thrown objects and settle in a place with their finds in order to reconstitute a foster home.

croixredokZe Coeupel – Allemagne / Italie / France – Edition 2011
ze couepel
This duo thinks the performance as a participative and relational act involving living arts, literature, photography and visual arts. Their field of exploration is focused on the notion of responsibility of the individual in the social fabric. In Préavis de Désordre Urbain, Ze Coeupel brings us in an ephemeral office of which the aesthetic is borrowed from those used by the CIA, the FBI or the Stasi in the 50’s. In this interrogatory room the performers, as intelligence agency officers, intent to define the way to save the city of Marseille from a hypothetical « danger ». Although hypothetical, this danger takes its roots in the current social, political, media and cultural context.

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