Préavis de Désordre Urbain is dead! Long live Plexus Rouge! (2019)

Préavis de Désordre Urbain is dead! Long live Plexus Rouge!

You’re a diehard Préavis de Désordre Urbain’s fan. You wait all year for this suspended and deliciously transgressive moment in the public space. You’ve heard about it, but you’ve never been able to take part. You’re discovering its existence by reading these lines.

You are invited to the festive funeral of Préavis de Désordre Urbain and to the rebirth party Plexus Rouge.

Parties, a privileged territory where excesses are permitted, where the forbidden are solemnly infringed, where rituals of togetherness are shared and limits transgressed, are the main theme of these two evenings at the Friche la Belle de Mai.

In 2007, RedPlexus launches Préavis Désordre Urbain in the city of Marseille. Over 12 years, 320 artists have poured their hearts and souls into the festival’s adventure, sharing thousands of intense moments of creation that have helped to grow the scope of performance art. Since then, it has become an essential part of every artistic event.

Long live the heirs!

Recently, local authorities have abruptly reduced or even withdrawn their support to the festival. The time has come for a metamorphosis. Préavis de Désordre Urbain is being reborn as Plexus Rouge, a festival of immersive forms. What better way to celebrate this transition than with two sumptuous, transgressive festivals?

On Friday the 13th of September 2019, RedPlexus welcomed the public, close friends and artists who have taken part in previous editions of Préavis de Désordre Urbain to the Friche la Belle de Mai for its (festive) funeral.

It was an emotional evening, a festive gathering that retraced some of the major events and work carried out during the twelve editions of Préavis, which took place in the public space of Marseille.

For twelve years, around 380 guest artists have taken part in the festival, striving to question the relationship between the spectator’s body and public space, architecture and the city, and the notion of borders in a constantly changing world. Each edition has seen the emergence of new approaches to artistic expression, always with the aim of deconstructing and questioning existing urban patterns and public order.




The 2019 edition, which took place at La Friche, marks the end but also the rebirth of Préavis, which transformed itself into Plexus Rouge on Saturday the 14th of September. A dance party, lit up by dozens of neon lights, rounded off the many performances held to mark the birth of Plexus Rouge: Plexus Nuit.

This adventure has yet to be built, but it remains imbued with the same guiding principle: to defend and promote new forms of creative expression that are committed to the community, to be a terrain for diverse and varied experimentation that breaks down barriers between spaces, and plays with the limits and boundaries set, to engage the spectator and immerse them completely…



Throughout the preparations and during the festival itself, a number of media outlets followed us:

We’d like to warmly thank the public and the artists who came for their presence and their energy, as well as the RedPlexus & Ornic’art teams and their volunteers.


Artists :
Zora Snake (Cameroon), Antonio Chipriana (France-Spain), Lenka Klodova (Czech Republic), Christian Nicosia (France), Gilles Viandier (France), Jany Jérémie (France), Sandrine Julien (France), Abraham Poincheval (France), Marie-Rose Frigière (France), Pascale Ciapp (France)
Collectif Ornic’art :
Rochdy Laribi – Artistic Director of the festival, Andrey Birnfeld, Rémi Bourchany, Julien Gourdin, Tom Preier, Valentina Viettro, Tristan Wahl

Many thanks to :
Claudine Dussollier (France), Samuel Wahl (France), Radio Grenouille (France), Collectif Wicked Girls, Jean-Luc Woodman, Jean-Claude Sanchis, Patrick Glotain.

The team & volunteers:
Christine Bouvier – Artistic Director of the festival, Aurore Rey, Mathilde Castel, Mylène Vielzeuf, Leire Ospitaletche, Lucille Kozlowski, Lou, Annarita, Alicia and Sonia, Marilyne.




On the 6th and the 7th of October, the Plexus Rouge returns for a new edition!

Plexus Rouge is an ode to the intimate and collective body, to sisterhood, freedom, tolerance, resistance and the art of dance. It’s a celebration of bodies and spirits that aims to shake things up and broaden horizons. You may not come away completely unscathed…

Friday 6th October
Friche la Belle de Mai


 6.00pm – Bulle Chorégraphique (Choreographic Bubble) – Julie Alamelle

An intimate, organic, porous immersion into feminine and plural identities. Let yourself be guided into a choreographic bubble, listen to your inner world, sit back and contemplate the flow of the living. The choreographer and dancer reveals her intimacy, and unveils herself in a sensitive, precious and touching dance, suspended in time.

7.00 pm – Amélia – Flavio Franciulli (Brazil, France)

A poetic, aerial performance about the solitude of women and mothers. The artist questions how a man can listen with sensitivity and sincerity. The actor and acrobat immerses himself in the stories of Brazilian poetesses, writers and singers, transforming his body through an aerial fabric that becomes a womb, an umbilical cord and a protective space.

7.45pm – (That’s how Don Quixote decided to save the world) – Cie
Marinette Dozeville (France, Italy)


Witches, influencers, weavers and builders of invisible cathedrals, it is with tenderness and radicalism that eight dancers and activists cultivate sororal love, forming a collective body. With the active backing of women from the Belle de Mai and beyond, they work together asserting the gleefulness of the body and a contagious freedom.

Choreography: Marinette Dozeville / Performance: Justine Agator, Paola Daniela, Lora Cabourg, Flozif, Sijia Chen, Lalla, Kowska Régnier, Dominique Le Marrec, Marie Vivie

8.45pm – Frontières – Tchina Ndjidda (Cameroon, France)


Female identities and migration: both a mighty battle and a journey towards light, utopia and freedom.

A collective choreographic creation, blending hip-hop and ritualistic dances, fuelled by the stories and physical memories of the women of the Belle de Mai. This engaged dancer made a lasting impression at Plexus Rouge 2022 with his performance Cross, which recounts his journey as a clandestine migrant.

9.30pm – La prophétie des baignoires (Bathtub prophecy) – Ornic’art/ Morphone


To be re-born anew? Some of the residents of the Belle de Mai laid down in eight bathtubs to talk about female figures who inspired them. These stories feed a live audio as well as a corporeal creation. Why not dive into a vibrant bath of sounds and let yourself be spellbound by the sensuality of this shamanic ritual?

Live concert: Morphone / Performance: Marie Adrian / Directed by Rochdy Laribi

Place Cadenat

Working together in a public space, through creative exchanges and celebrations.

Identités de Quartier (Neighbourhood identities)
In partnership with EN CHANTIER

2.00 pm – An introduction to upcycling

Expressing one’s identity through recycled clothing (creation followed by a mini fashion show) by Charlotte Denner and Studio Lausié, the neighbourhood’s eco-responsible fashion school.

4.30pm – What place for children in the city and the neighbourhood?

An overview of the inhabitants’ ideas and actions to improve the daily lives and living conditions of children and beyond, by Pragma and MMSH-AMU.

5.00 pm – A stroll through the icons of the Belle de Mai

An immersive theatrical tour following the footsteps of the neighbourhood’s new icons, by Xavier Adrien Laurent (Cie Texte Hors Contexte)

5.00 pm – Radio Belle de Mai / Radio Grenouille stage

Exchanges of ideas around the theme of “Taking care of the neighbourhood and its plural identities” with local artists and residents.

Identities and Performances
6.30pm – Bulle Chorégraphique – by Julie Alamelle

7.10pm – They came down in a troupe. They came in a cortege – An amateur performance created over the course of the week by the Marinette Dozeville company with residents of the Belle de Mai (and Marseille), tapping into the same energy and themes as those addressed in “C’est comme ça que Don Quichotte décida de sauver le monde” (That’s How Don Quixote Decided to Save the World), though this won’t be one of the company’s professional creations.

7.45pm – Frontières – by Tchina Ndjidda and residents of Belle de Mai

8.30pm – La prophétie des baignoires – by Ornic’art, Morphone and Marie Adrian

Tickets :
Friday: €12 / €10 (students, jobseekers)
Saturday: Free

Bar and snacks on site






RedPlexus and Q Rators (an association created by two Ukrainian artists, Anna Ten and Natasha Tseliuba) are organising a brand new Plexus Rouge aimed at promoting contemporary Ukrainian political and feminist art.
5 Ukrainian artists will be in residency for 2 months. They have been working with associations and residents of the Belle de Mai as well as Marseille’s northern neighbourhoods. This edition is meant as a display of solidarity, allowing these Ukrainian artists to share their feelings about the war through the creation of powerful artistic acts.
“In every artistic act there is a battle to be fought, a war to be won” (Tchina Ndjidda)
The commitment of the Cameroonian dancer, choreographer and activist Tchina Ndjidda resonates with that of these Ukrainian artists. The challenge of these creations is to give hope back to those who have lost it, and to show that even in the most disastrous situations there is a reason to carry on fighting.

Building/Rebuilding is the common thread that links all the artistic proposals of this Plexus Rouge.





Wednesday 19th October :

7.00 pm Screening of the Franco-Ukrainian film “Vous qui gardez un cœur qui bat” (You who keep a beating heart) by Antoine Chaudagne and Sylvain Verdet.
At Cinéma Le Gyptis place Caffo (3rd arrondissement) followed by a meeting with the Ukrainian artists.


Friday 21st October


6pm-10pm Place des Horizons, Friche la Belle de Mai
6.30pm “Théorie des Cordes” by the group Radio Surrealism (Natasha Tseliuba, Yevgen Derkach) 

Around the theme of “What object would you take with you if you had to leave everything behind?” the artists worked with residents of the Belle de Mai and Marseille’s northern neighbourhoods to collect personal objects and testimonies to feed the sculpture of the pendulum.
Dare to sit on the pendulum and assess the value of these objects…

7.30pm “Cross” – by Tchina Ndjidda
This performance retraces Tchina’s personal clandestine adventure as he left Cameroon for Europe, and his chaotic journey towards uncertainty, utopia and freedom.
“Cross’ is a powerful solo performance which questions us through the authenticity of its texts and its excellent technique, a blend of contemporary hip-hop and tribal ritual dances.

8.30pm ‘Pièce’ – by Valentina Petrova with Marie Bournazel Adrian, Aziza Boussafeur, Tom Preier, Nohad Salem, Anna Ten, Luca Bon
Performative action based on a dramatic work whispered into your ears.
A unique, intimate and emotional experience for each spectator, dealing with passion and war, pain and hardship, and the rare moments of joy that help us to cope.

9.30pm DJ set by Ann Mysochka, Ukrainian artist resident in Marseille (member of Artistes en exil).



Installation/performance “In Silenceby Lera Polianskova.
PParticipatory performance “Plug It” – by Alina Kopytsa.


Saturday, the 22nd of October

3.30pm-10pm Place Cadenat (3rd arrondissement)

Re-enchanting the City
Plexus Rouge partners up with En Chantier for their 10th anniversary, on Place Cadenat (Belle de Mai district).

3.30pm Participatory workshops
5.30pm “Cross” performance – by Tchina Ndjidda
7pm Public banquet and concerts by En Chantier with artistic interventions by Ukrainian artists and Ornic’art


Many thanks to Meriem Lajmi, Christiane and Thierry Ciccione, Ann Mysochka, En Chantier, Familles en action, Bric à Brac, Transforama, Labo des désirs, all the volunteers and all object donors.