Préavis de Désordre (Urbain) #12

Love Protest 


It is in a particular context that we are launching this 12th edition of the Festival Préavis de Désordre Urbain. The Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region, a faithful and important partner of the festival since its creation, has brutally suppressed its financial support, jeopardizing the existence of an atypical and unavoidable event in the Marseille and European landscape.

A Festival that has become a “City-wide Collective Work” that proposes strong artistic acts, takes risks, creates desire and social ties, questions the changes in our society.

The spirit of resistance is in the DNA of this Laboratory-Festival of performance. We are staying the course; Navigating in turbulence zones does not annihilate desire or pleasure, but forces us to sail to a format different from previous editions.

No performance in an urban setting this year, hence the Urbain de Préavis, put in brackets. It’s at La Belle de Mai that we invite you to discover the artistic proposals of this 2018 vintage, inspired by by the red thread: LOVE PROTEST.

Between utopia, sexual liberation and the claim of individuality, what remains of May 68, 50 years later? In 2018, what about the genre, the norm, the difference, the tolerance in the field of Love?

On the program, two unpublished evenings, September 14 and 15. If you are over 18 (!) Do not deprive yourself of bold and impertinent artistic food, regenerating for body and soul.

And if you dare … Experiment a Live Sex Chat on the background of ritual of the Rite of Spring. Discovering dance bodies in mutation, out of context and conventions. Find your place on the map of the tender version Turn me On.

The desire for sharing and dating and the creative energy are the fuel of Notice of Urban Disorder.

So we hope that many of you will enjoy this 12th edition and support us so that the Adventure can continue ..


Nadia Bekkers

Lisie Philip

Ornic’art (Avec Rochdy Laribi, Directeur Artistique et : Claire Boucherie, Marie-Rose Frigière, Julien Gourdin, Huiming Huang, Clémence Neut, Tom Preier, Surzhana Radnaeva,Boris Vassallucci)

Chantal Yzerman (& Carlos Aires)

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Préavis de Désordre Urbain #11

Urban rituals of hospitality 


In ancient Greece the foreigner who asks for asylum is always welcomed as an envoy of the gods, if not as a deity in person. Hospitality is a rite of passage. What greetings should we send to migrant coming to the Schengen area today ?

In 2017, the rise of xenophobia generates fear of the other and the return of borders and walls. We must not, in this context of crisis, abandon the common space but on the contrary decree a state of artistic urgency and act so that it remains a place of crossing, meeting, sharing.

We must invent urban rituals of radical and poetic hospitality.

We look forward to sharing together precious and impertinent, joyful and unique moments to celebrate this 11th edition of Préavis de Désordre Urbain!


For the 11th edition of the Festival, we question the importance of rituals of hospitality.

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