Plexus Rouge Festival 2024 #6

Friday 11 october • Friche la Belle de Mai, Place des Horizons​

Saturday 12 october • Cinéma Le Gyptis & Place Caffo


A dancer for over 15 years with the Ex Nihilo urban dance company. She founded the Compagnie Abdel Blabla with François Bouteau.

For this 6th edition of the show, on 11 October at Place des Horizons, she will be presenting a choreographic performance entitled ‘Quelques fois quelque chose là’, co-produced by Klap Maison pour la Danse and Marseille Objectif Danse – a creation that explores the suspension of thought, the perception of the sensitive and the living, and the physicality of consciousness that becomes an experience of the Body.

For the public space (Place Caffo), she is deepening the choreographic work begun during the Plus Belles de Mai festival with local women by offering them workshops on the creation ‘Légitime Présence’ as part of the Labo des Désirs. This collective performance will be presented in Place Caffo on 12 October.

Tchina is a member of the Compagnie DK-Bel, made up of dancers with disabilities and able-bodied dancers. 

Invited to take part in Plexus Rouge 2022, he made a big impact in the urban space of Belle de Mai with his performance ‘Cross’, inspired by his personal story of clandestine migration.
In 2023, he was invited to take up a 10-day residency to work with women in the Belle de Mai on their stories of exile. The collective choreographic performance ‘Frontières’ was presented as part of the Plexus Rouge at La Friche and in the public space.

For this 6th edition, Tchina and Miché, a wheelchair-bound dancer, have created a powerful choreographic duet that explores the many possibilities of a ‘prevented’ body. The duet will be followed by a choreographic performance by Tchina.


This year’s edition is particularly interested in “lost” bodies. Artists with physical disabilities have the resources to transcend their differences and share a singular, empathetic vision of the world. Trusting these “lost bodies” is probably the best way to save the world; they enable us to find paths and open up avenues that might seem improbable, or even impossible.

Invite able-bodied artists and dancers with disabilities to take up residencies, to explore choreographic approaches to caring for people, creating supportive environments, enhancing people’s power to act, and valorizing and circulating everyone’s knowledge.

The aim is to continue the projects initiated by artists with local residents during the Les Plus Belles de Mai festival and to develop them as part of the Plexus Rouge A corps perdus, matin midi et soir event. This 6th edition reinforces the territorial networking approach. Taking over a café and the public space.

The programme will take place on Place des Horizons at La Friche Belle de Mai on Friday 11 October, then at Cinéma Le Gyptis and Place Caffo on Saturday 12 October, enabling a wide range of audiences to enjoy the performances.

TCHINA NIDJIDDA / Photo credit @marie_eve.h


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