flechenoireee DESCRIPTION
You have a performance project that you have never been able to achieve, which never found an outlet..

It may be too specific or too daring or not politically correct enough to be programmed.
It might be difficult to implement.
It might be shocked.

PLUG IN RED A data base of projects of performance during 2 years, available online. PLUG IN RED allows you to give a second chance to artistic projects that are struggling to exist elsewhere, who stayed in your drawers.

Some of these projects may exist in PLEXUS ROUGES, thematic evenings performance than RedPlexus regularly organizes in collaboration with a place (in Marseille or elsewhere). Evenings where you can test a proposition, clearing new paths.

flechenoireee CONDITIONS
The «abandoned» projects, ignored or misunderstood to be emailed before 31 Décembre 2016 :

Download the call and the  submission form HERE

Christine Bouvier
Friche la Belle de Mai – Marseille
04 95 04 95 34