RedPlexus is a network of exchanges and diffusion of the performance, based at the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, France. It was created by the Collective of performers: Ornic’art
RedPlexus is a space for research, experience, confrontation and reflection about the new writings of the performance, mainly in public areas.
Does the performance -an intervention, engaged and undisciplined art- have as essence to bother a certain social, moral and political disorder and to offer unexpected, disruptive and regenerating outlook?

To privilege the artistic experience
To promote the research and the creation (laboratories, residencies)
To link artists
To cross the networks and disciplines focused on the performance (Living arts, urban arts, visual arts, installation performance, digital, architecture/town planning, design etc.)
To show performances (Theme evening, festivals)
To feed and exchange reflection about the new writings of the performance (Meetings)
To organise events crossed with other cities, artistic organizations

Préavis de Désordres Urbain Festival
Artist performers’database