Préavis de Désordre Urbain

Préavis de Désordre Urbain #6

How to continue living in this world of crisis? 


In 2012, Préavis de Désordre Urbain takes place in 2 periods.

Each period is focused on a laboratory – the artists have time to build and refine their projects connected to the city – and regular public meetings.

We build the 1st period (10-18 September) with the Théâtre des Bernardines, our partner since 3 years. RedPlexus and the Théâtre des Bernardines are both interested in exploring links “from the street to the stage”.

Artists are invited to work in urban spaces of the 1rst arr. Of Marseille : Noailles, rue Sénac, rue Curiol, place du Lycée, rue Saint-Bazile and in the space of Théâtre.

We are interested by this area because :

It’s a very lively area in the center of the city with cosmopolitan inhabitants.

There are lots of abandoned urban places.

The theatre is one of the spaces where the artists can experiment actions with public, passers-by in unusual hours.

In the 2nd period (16-21 September), Préavis takes place in La Friche La Belle de Mai and its surroundings.

La Friche, is an old tobacco factory, now an artistic and cultural center and a place devoted to creation. La Friche which is a territory of experiences and artistic crossfields, is a perfect place for this period of Preavis.

We collaborate with The instants Vidéos during this period in La Friche and Radio Grenouille covers the whole festival.

Artists : 

Franck Homeyer (Germany), Ornic’art (France), Nenad Bogdanovic (Serbia), Joao Garcia miguel/Sara Ribeiro (Portugal), Nicola Frangione (Italia), Joszef R.Juhasz (Hongrie), Dominique Herma (France), Colas Bailleul/Frédérique Guétat-Liviani (France), Pascale Ciapp (France), Lenka Klodova (Czech Republic), Pascale Bongianni (France), Friederike & Uwe (Germany), Lauri Luhta (Finland), Marie-claire Cordat (France), Oryctophonic Group (France, Switzerland, Japan), Anna Berndtson (Sweden), Zargrup (Spain), Antje Prust (Germany), Peter Grzybowski (Poland), Timo Viialainen (Finland)

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