Préavis de Désordre Urbain

Préavis de Désordre Urbain #8

The Body as last space of freedom 

Édito : 

The festival’s 8th edition, a laboratory for performance, has the ambition to giveback to the city spaces for intimacy, to sublimate our urban disillusionments and question the waste it produces.

It is in a hotel room, in waste sorting containers, new urban confessionals, that artists are giving you rendezvous this year…

What if you’re taking the risk to :
Confess your urban fantasies to a waste sorting container
Participate to a feminist parade
Find yourself in a hotel room with a stranger
Danse in a container forest just before dawn
Cross Red Zones every night
Stay stuck to a polish performing duo
Have an argument during la Rencontre au Comptoir
Find your soul mate during an artistic speed dating
Test your limits with an mexican underground culture’s icon
Let yourself contaminate since the launching party at La Canebière 
Become addict during the closing party at la Friche

Make way for poetical and committed propositions, unleashed and libertine

Artists :

Rocio Boliver (Mexico), Montaine Chevalier (France), Moufida Fedhila (Tunisia), Omar Ghayatt (Switzerland / Egypt), Rodolphe Yves Lapointe (Quebec), Pascal Lièvre (France), Boris Nieslony (Germany), ODM (France), Ornic’art (France), Jérôme Porsperger (Belgium), Suka Off (Poland) , Raphael Thiers (France), Steve Vanoni (USA-Estonia).

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