A circuit of islets in different open-air installation-performance zones at the Friche la Belle de Mai.
Only one game rule : exploring social invisibility, new identities and rituals of sharing

Each zone is inhabited by artists whose installations offer a
physical, sensory and sensitive experience.

It’s possible to remain spectators of the performances and/or to immerse yourself inside for a more intense experience.


Au programme

  • Maman a disparu dans la boite à gants (Mom
  • disappeared in the glove compartment) – Collectif Ornic’art – (Tom Preier and Irina Schliebach) Set aboard a vintage car parked in a mask graveyard, a moody bellboy and a cheeky little girl take you on a thriller of a journey.
  • Les larmes de glace (Ice Tears) – Collectif Ornic’art – (Lin Lin and Louise Bielow) Enjoy a film shooting on an ice floe and witness the transformation of your dream into ice tears.

  • Banquet d’odeurs (Banquet of Smells) – CollectifOrnic’art – (Miss Bouillon and Céline Durand) You are warmly invited to feast at the banquet of an alchemist and poisoner who will feed you smells until all of your senses feel exhilarated.

  • Peep show câlin ( Cuddly Peep Show ) – Collectif Ornic’art – (Vale Viettro) Come and listen to dreamlike lullabies in a giant womb, the future’s incubator, a place of metamorphosis for the impossible.

  • Des grenades sous les gravats (Grenades Under the Rubble) – Collectif Ornic’art – (Andrey Birnfeld and Zoé Arnaud) He spent seven days locked up in an underground gallery, cut off from the world, and creating cave paintings inspired by the nightmares of which he was the bearer. On the 7th day he returns to the surface and meets his double in the rubble of a labyrinthine tunnel. Why not trust themwith your nightmares

  • Chute dans l’escalier de service (Falling down the back staircase) Collectif Ornic’art – (Thomas Colas and Raphaël Dupuy) What if you were an accomplice to infernal ascent of a duo of contemporary Sisyphs? When the objects that are supposed to symbolise our destiny turn out to be demonic in the back staircase.

  • Movement study for the market – (Fernando Belfiore, Isadora Tomasi, Mavi Viana Veloso, Maciej Stanislaw Sado) Can you resist the pull of 4 magnificent queer dancing bodies who call for radical, shimmering action against commodification, consumer society and social inequality. Another world is possible.

  • Two become one – (Vincent Riebeek, Rosa Doornenbal) A mischievousjourney into Queer attitude featuring a dancer and a performer, in a liminal zone between “something you don’t want to see” and “something you can’t help looking at”.

  • Do not Disturb – Collectif Ornic’art – Exclusive screening of the 1st episode of the web-series with the presence of the characters Lacryma Blue, In Utéro, Holy Groom, Cryptos, PerFumum and Erotica 32. 

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