About us


RedPlexus is an international network for the dissemination of performance and new forms of artistic writing, notably in the public and urban space.

Born in 2007, at the initiative of Christine Bouvier, performer and member of the Ornic’art collective, for the launch of her first festival project in Marseille: Avis de Disorder Urbain. Redplexu is resident at Friche Belle de Mai, in premises of 130m² shared with the group of performers Ornic’art.

Redplexus and artistic performance.

RedPLexus wishes to highlight a performance that questions the contemporary changes in our society by staging works of a transgressive and political nature that question the limits of the body, the public and the urban space. He also seeks to cross different artistic disciplines such as dance, theater, circus, etc., by distributing multi-disciplinary artists especially during the festival Avis de Disorder Urbain.

Redplexus and public

The city of Marseille is the main web of creation of RedPlexus. This multi-layered space with which artists compose is a dense and fertile context.
The performance according to RedPLexus is an experiment that seeks to immerse the viewer in the performance, to give him a freedom of action that gives him the opportunity to become a spectator-actor.

Redplexus and partnerships

In addition to the regular collaboration of RedPlexus with the Ornic’art collective, the structure collaborates with artists from various disciplines and international origins, or with various festivals and European events.
Strongly inscribed in the local cultural landscape, RedPlexus also works with partners such as the Friche La Belle de Mai, the MucEm, the Embobineuse or the Théâtre des Bernardines.