The Festival

Préavis de Désordre Urbain (PDU) was launched in 2007 by Christine Bouvier. This two-week event in Marseille showcases emerging artistic writing.

During this event, many artists from different backgrounds and disciplines meet and experiment in the public space. Over 280 artists have been invited since the festival’s creation, and a lot of volunteers are involved every year. Each new edition is also an opportunity for the festival to reinvent itself and evolve with the artists involved and the city of Marseille in which it is based: a chance to use the urban space differently, at the Friche La Belle de Mai, the FRAC, the Théâtre des Bernardines…



The Name's Origin

Préavis de Désordre Urbain is all about urban disruption and questions urban management. An artistic prelude to a necessary political confrontation, the festival is designed to disorientate, disrupt habits and suggest new urban trajectories. PDU is a “contemporary UFO”, shattering the historical frameworks of production, representation and duration of live performance.


PDU Editions