Urban rituals of hospitality 


In ancient Greece the foreigner who asks for asylum is always welcomed as an envoy of the gods, if not as a deity in person. Hospitality is a rite of passage. What greetings should we send to migrant coming to the Schengen area today ?

In 2017, the rise of xenophobia generates fear of the other and the return of borders and walls. We must not, in this context of crisis, abandon the common space but on the contrary decree a state of artistic urgency and act so that it remains a place of crossing, meeting, sharing.

We must invent urban rituals of radical and poetic hospitality.

We look forward to sharing together precious and impertinent, joyful and unique moments to celebrate this 11th edition of Préavis de Désordre Urbain!


For the 11th edition of the Festival, we question the importance of rituals of hospitality.