The book

Préavis de désordre urbain.
La performance à l’épreuve d’une ville.

The book has not been translated into English yet.

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Published by Deuxième Époque editions

Préavis de Désordre Urbain – La performance à l’épreuve d’une ville (Urban Disaster Warning – The city-proof performance) is published in 2017. It is written by Samuel Wahl, a journalist, author, director and teacher, who participated in the magazine Cassandre in particular. For this book he immersed himself in the experiences of RedPlexus to deliver a critical account of artists, performers and participants.

The artists who participated in the festival testify to the concept of performance as it is broadcast by RedPlexus. The issues of public space and artistic production are also questioned. What is performance today? How is it built by the RedPlexus network? A polysemic and transdisciplinary response explains this gesture, anchored in the city of Marseille after 10 years of diffusion.

The evolution of the issues related to the festival, the different artistic approaches and changes to each new edition are highlighted.

From the origins of RedPlexus, from the initiative of such a network, to the contemporary issues that this artistic milieu encounters, through crises and climax moments, this story traces the career of these artists in details and images.