Préavis de Désordre Urbain is dead! Long live Plexus Rouge!

You’re a diehard Préavis de Désordre Urbain’s fan. You wait all year for this suspended and deliciously transgressive moment in the public space. You’ve heard about it, but you’ve never been able to take part. You’re discovering its existence by reading these lines.

You are invited to the festive funeral of Préavis de Désordre Urbain and to the rebirth party Plexus Rouge.

Parties, a privileged territory where excesses are permitted, where the forbidden are solemnly infringed, where rituals of togetherness are shared and limits transgressed, are the main theme of these two evenings at the Friche la Belle de Mai.

In 2007, RedPlexus launches Préavis Désordre Urbain in the city of Marseille. Over 12 years, 320 artists have poured their hearts and souls into the festival’s adventure, sharing thousands of intense moments of creation that have helped to grow the scope of performance art. Since then, it has become an essential part of every artistic event.

Long live the heirs!

Recently, local authorities have abruptly reduced or even withdrawn their support to the festival. The time has come for a metamorphosis. Préavis de Désordre Urbain is being reborn as Plexus Rouge, a festival of immersive forms. What better way to celebrate this transition than with two sumptuous, transgressive festivals?

On Friday the 13th of September 2019, RedPlexus welcomed the public, close friends and artists who have taken part in previous editions of Préavis de Désordre Urbain to the Friche la Belle de Mai for its (festive) funeral.

It was an emotional evening, a festive gathering that retraced some of the major events and work carried out during the twelve editions of Préavis, which took place in the public space of Marseille.

For twelve years, around 380 guest artists have taken part in the festival, striving to question the relationship between the spectator’s body and public space, architecture and the city, and the notion of borders in a constantly changing world. Each edition has seen the emergence of new approaches to artistic expression, always with the aim of deconstructing and questioning existing urban patterns and public order.




The 2019 edition, which took place at La Friche, marks the end but also the rebirth of Préavis, which transformed itself into Plexus Rouge on Saturday the 14th of September. A dance party, lit up by dozens of neon lights, rounded off the many performances held to mark the birth of Plexus Rouge: Plexus Nuit.

This adventure has yet to be built, but it remains imbued with the same guiding principle: to defend and promote new forms of creative expression that are committed to the community, to be a terrain for diverse and varied experimentation that breaks down barriers between spaces, and plays with the limits and boundaries set, to engage the spectator and immerse them completely…



Throughout the preparations and during the festival itself, a number of media outlets followed us:

We’d like to warmly thank the public and the artists who came for their presence and their energy, as well as the RedPlexus & Ornic’art teams and their volunteers.


Artists :
Zora Snake (Cameroon), Antonio Chipriana (France-Spain), Lenka Klodova (Czech Republic), Christian Nicosia (France), Gilles Viandier (France), Jany Jérémie (France), Sandrine Julien (France), Abraham Poincheval (France), Marie-Rose Frigière (France), Pascale Ciapp (France)
Collectif Ornic’art :
Rochdy Laribi – Artistic Director of the festival, Andrey Birnfeld, Rémi Bourchany, Julien Gourdin, Tom Preier, Valentina Viettro, Tristan Wahl

Many thanks to :
Claudine Dussollier (France), Samuel Wahl (France), Radio Grenouille (France), Collectif Wicked Girls, Jean-Luc Woodman, Jean-Claude Sanchis, Patrick Glotain.

The team & volunteers:
Christine Bouvier – Artistic Director of the festival, Aurore Rey, Mathilde Castel, Mylène Vielzeuf, Leire Ospitaletche, Lucille Kozlowski, Lou, Annarita, Alicia and Sonia, Marilyne.