Préavis de Désordre Urbain

Préavis de Désordre Urbain #5

From September 18th to 25th, 2011

Editorial : 

It is always with jubilation and a certain dose of adrenaline that a new PDU is launched. What about today’s notions of freedom and respect for everyone’s space in the public sphere?

Precariousness – especially existential – concerns everyone. This 5th edition explores micro-territories, from urban neglected to large axes and questions the limits between order and disorder, norm and normality.

Resist, dare, question.

The performers live and experiment artistic creation processes in an urban perimeter of the city center. PDU is made of strong, programmed and unannounced moments that are discovered by chance.

Take the risk of letting yourself be challenged, disturbed or even contaminated by these artistic experiences.

Christine bouvier

Artists :

 Isabelle Cavoit/Bernard Menaut ( France), Agyro Chioti (Greece), Diogo de Carvalho (Portugal), Isabelle Schneider (France), Pascale Ciapp (France), Le Corps Collectif (France), Mehdi Farjpour (Iran), Carol Vanni & Alain Fourneau (France), Angel Herrero(Portugal), Jeff Huckleberry (USA), Christian Kunter/ Remote Citizen (Switzerland), Mollie Lehberger (France), Ana Matey (Spain), Natcha Muslera (France), ( Sophie Nédorézoff ( France), The New Spastiks (Germany), Ira Optimist (Finland), Onric’art (France), Jean-Christophe Petit (France), Random (France), Noa Reshef (Israel),  Julichka Stengele (Germany),Artur Tajber (Poland), Jacques Van Poppel (Netherlands), Ze Coeupel (Germany)

Préavis de Désordre Urbain

Préavis de Désordre Urbain #4

Resist to the security “derive” drift 

For its 4th edition in Marseille, from 18 to 25 September 2010, PRÉAVIS DE DÉSORDRE URBAIN focuses on the notion of disorder of public order.

The security drift of our society is a source of some form of inhibition of exchanges between citizens in the public space. Performance is an artistic act sometimes subversive, often poetic, which feeds on the context in which it unfolds, while modifying it. The festival invites to derogate, overflow, disturb, disrupt but also to question, to challenge, to propose to the public unexpected experiences, stripping, other ways of living together in an urban environment.

PRÉAVIS DE DÉSORDRE URBAIN questions the links between performance, urban art, contemporary art, live performance; sketch out avenues for reflection on the citizen issue of new artistic writings in the public space; and convokes the city, the daily, the diversion of the uses citizens and social relations as ground of artistic experiments. With a dose of disorder, PRÉAVIS DE DÉSORDRE URBAIN makes these creations perceptible while inventing meetings with the public, which preserve the vitality of art in a city in context.

Artists :

 Non Grata (Estonia), Zineb Benzekri (France), Valérie Vanhoutvinck (Belgium), Nieves Corréa (Spain), Antoine Castaigne, Fabrice Pras, Benoit Rassouw (France), Peter Grzybowski (Poland), Domix Garrido (Spain), Elsa Mingot (France), Eva Doumbia, , Hilario Alvarez(Spain), Clément Aubert(France), Jean-Christophe Petit (France), Randy Gledhill (Canada),Maison Close; Compagnie Terrain Vague, Private(s), Lucas Murgida, Nuage, Antoine Castaigne, Fabrice Pras, Benoit Rassouw, L’agence des suicides, Elsa Mingot, L’accident, Non Grata, La Piscine; Isabelle Frémin. 

Post-festival edit

Cancellation without notice

On Tuesday afternoon, the mayor of the 4/5 took the firm and final decision to CANCEL the Saturday demonstration, to DELETE the promised grant, and to close the Fissiaux Center, our logistics base.

Any explanation was in vain: the decision was irrevocable.

Failure to react would have been nonsense in the logic of the Notice of Urban Disorder. We therefore asked Patrick Mennucci, mayor of 1/7, to host our event in his area. What he did

A press release was issued on Thursday evening to warn the public of the change of venue.

Intempestive tapage on Longchamp

In the night from Friday to Saturday, huge tags (between 20 and 30 of 2×3 meters) have appeared on the walls of the buildings, the window blinds and the street furniture of the boulevard Longchamp with the inscription PREAVIS DE DESORDRE URBAIN.

We immediately complained about misuse of the name of the festival and Mr. Mennucci, for degradation of the public highway.

The festival ended Saturday in a rather festive atmosphere Danaides. The public and passers-by felt apprehended, disturbed, and complicit in the actions.

This cancellation raised many questions and fueled debates among artists and the public on the freedom of expression, the freedom of creation, the limits of artistic action in the public space, censorship.

Questions that remain open.

Préavis de Désordre Urbain

Préavis de Désordre Urbain – Impulse

The first edition in 2007 is launched in a DIY way with few savings. The lack of resources is offset by the envy and the collective investment of the participants in this first laboratory form. The artists of the Ornic’art collective get their hands dirty for logistics and catering, in addition to the “wild volunteers” and around thirty artists who come for the festival in self-financing.

Ideas and practices are exchanged between physical exercises, daily training and workshop. Research laboratories are set up every day from which collective proposals are born. Random draws invite artists to perform as duets, in a place also drawn at random.