On the 14th and 15th of May, RedPlexus launches the 1st Plexus Rouge of the 2022 season!


After two years of social distancing and safety precautions, our bodies need to be reborn and reconnect to inhabit the world together. To seal this reunion, Plexus Rouge has invited Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich to create the extraordinary work Habitat. A group of 70 citizens from Marseille, aged between 19 and 70, took part in a five-day workshop before delivering an immersive physical experience to the public. Habitat uses a poetic, festive and subversive tone to showcase the 70 naked bodies of the participants, who inhabit the space and create both individual and collective rituals.

An ode to the body, dance and nudity!

Collective trance or techno rave?

Vibrate to the electron sounds of DJ Kopeinig


 A Perform Europe project