RedPlexus and Q Rators (an association created by two Ukrainian artists, Anna Ten and Natasha Tseliuba) are organising a brand new Plexus Rouge aimed at promoting contemporary Ukrainian political and feminist art.
5 Ukrainian artists will be in residency for 2 months. They have been working with associations and residents of the Belle de Mai as well as Marseille’s northern neighbourhoods. This edition is meant as a display of solidarity, allowing these Ukrainian artists to share their feelings about the war through the creation of powerful artistic acts.
“In every artistic act there is a battle to be fought, a war to be won” (Tchina Ndjidda)
The commitment of the Cameroonian dancer, choreographer and activist Tchina Ndjidda resonates with that of these Ukrainian artists. The challenge of these creations is to give hope back to those who have lost it, and to show that even in the most disastrous situations there is a reason to carry on fighting.

Building/Rebuilding is the common thread that links all the artistic proposals of this Plexus Rouge.





Wednesday 19th October :

7.00 pm Screening of the Franco-Ukrainian film “Vous qui gardez un cœur qui bat” (You who keep a beating heart) by Antoine Chaudagne and Sylvain Verdet.
At Cinéma Le Gyptis place Caffo (3rd arrondissement) followed by a meeting with the Ukrainian artists.


Friday 21st October


6pm-10pm Place des Horizons, Friche la Belle de Mai
6.30pm “Théorie des Cordes” by the group Radio Surrealism (Natasha Tseliuba, Yevgen Derkach) 

Around the theme of “What object would you take with you if you had to leave everything behind?” the artists worked with residents of the Belle de Mai and Marseille’s northern neighbourhoods to collect personal objects and testimonies to feed the sculpture of the pendulum.
Dare to sit on the pendulum and assess the value of these objects…

7.30pm “Cross” – by Tchina Ndjidda
This performance retraces Tchina’s personal clandestine adventure as he left Cameroon for Europe, and his chaotic journey towards uncertainty, utopia and freedom.
“Cross’ is a powerful solo performance which questions us through the authenticity of its texts and its excellent technique, a blend of contemporary hip-hop and tribal ritual dances.

8.30pm ‘Pièce’ – by Valentina Petrova with Marie Bournazel Adrian, Aziza Boussafeur, Tom Preier, Nohad Salem, Anna Ten, Luca Bon
Performative action based on a dramatic work whispered into your ears.
A unique, intimate and emotional experience for each spectator, dealing with passion and war, pain and hardship, and the rare moments of joy that help us to cope.

9.30pm DJ set by Ann Mysochka, Ukrainian artist resident in Marseille (member of Artistes en exil).



Installation/performance “In Silenceby Lera Polianskova.
PParticipatory performance “Plug It” – by Alina Kopytsa.


Saturday, the 22nd of October

3.30pm-10pm Place Cadenat (3rd arrondissement)

Re-enchanting the City
Plexus Rouge partners up with En Chantier for their 10th anniversary, on Place Cadenat (Belle de Mai district).

3.30pm Participatory workshops
5.30pm “Cross” performance – by Tchina Ndjidda
7pm Public banquet and concerts by En Chantier with artistic interventions by Ukrainian artists and Ornic’art


Many thanks to Meriem Lajmi, Christiane and Thierry Ciccione, Ann Mysochka, En Chantier, Familles en action, Bric à Brac, Transforama, Labo des désirs, all the volunteers and all object donors.